We are a  Multi-Gaming community expanding outward and onward into the top SteamWargaming & Origin titles.

Look for us in a game near you!

☠__ N.A.F.I.G.Gaming™__☠

Reserves the right to refuse service to anyone.

our mission

Not a Fuck Is Given Gaming

We pride ourselves as the home for all the unwanted gamer’s out there. 

We don’t care!

We have a spot for you.

No mandatory times to play.

They are games after all.

Real life will always come first.


Do have a few rules… 

We value a No cheat policy if you are found to be cheating  you will be removed period.

We do not police our members in any public match.

Any he said she said bullshit both parties will be kicked period.

You are not expected to live in  Teamspeak but if you are on and are in-game you are expected to show up and see if you are needed.

You sneak out (leave the guild) in the middle of the night without talking (Have a backbone) to a leading member you will find yourself banned from ts period.