We are a  Multi-Gaming  community primarily in war gaming titles but have  expanded outward into other genres including the top steam titles. Search for us in a game near you!

Besure to look for us in a game near you!

☠__ N.A.F.I.G.Gaming™__☠ Reserves the right to refuse service to anyone

our mission

  2. We pride our self’s as the home for all the unwanted gamer’s out there but we do a have few rules. 



  1. 1: We value a No cheat policy if you are found to be cheating  or using illegal mods you will be removed from the clan period.

2:We do not do Diplo with anyone period.

3:We do not police our members in any public match.

4:Any he said she said bullsh*$ both parties will be kicked period.

5:You are not expected to live in  Team Speak but if you are on and are in-game you are expected to show up and see if you are needed.

6:You sneak out (leave the clan) in the middle of the night without talking (Have a backbone) to a leading member you will find your self banned from ts period.

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